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We are an international travel destination company specializing in a variety of group and organization tours. We have been in the travel business for over 45 years. With our travel partners and offices in both Europe and the United States, we have the professional cast to produce the unique tours for your group and organization.

Our personal concierges in both the travel development and the tour itself make us special in the tourism industry.

It is not about finding the right destination for your group, but making the tour of that destination special for the group.

Our tours are designed to offer the traveler an experience that becomes a positive memory of the tour. It may be a wine tasting in France with the wine master or an audience with the Pope. A concert featuring a local artist and the genre unique to the region or a gourmet class with a leading Italian chef.

It is not about visiting world class museums, but about having an experienced docent to explain the art work and the masters. One of our trips to New York City for example includes a current Broadway Show and tickets to the nationally televised Tony Awards. Again, we do not sell tours... We provide experiences!

"Our tour was hassle free. A truly memorable and rewarding travel experience for my group."

D.O. - Bank Club leader Polo, IL

"The trip to Europe was outstanding, every detail was perfect. Our adult musicians were trated with great professionalism. We are ready to go again."

R.D. - Music Director Allentown, PA

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