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Travel is still the top on everyone’s "wish list," but people now seek to have a travel experience, not just another tour. Our destinations and events include the services of a professional concierge that will assist with every details. The guiding principle which World Group Travel’s operates by is – "The Difference is in the Details." By providing hassle free group travel with personal professional service for over 45 years, and have the ingredients for what you and your travelers deserve…a Memorable and Rewarding travel experience!

Remember, we don't sell tours... we provide unique experiences and lasting memories.

Each tour and event we produce is as special as the Concierge we assign to the activity. We plan each Tour and Event to meet the needs and standards of each organizer and client. We review each activity to make the journey a true experience. On all our tours we offer our Deluxe Concierge Service to assure the travelers the best experience possible. We have Concierge Specialist in all areas of travel.

Have you considered...
Italy, France, Ireland, New York City,
New Orleans or San Francisco?

How about...
Swiss Christmas Market, the Tony Awards,
Oberammergau or the Cannes Film Festival.

World Group Travel will customize your tour to meet your travel requirements plus add that special touch to make it unique for your group. We feel cookie cutter tours are not actually the desire of today's tour organizer or traveler.

By selecting events and activities meeting your customers interests, our tours will both excite and delight your group.

With the majority of today's travelers more sophisticated, activities whithin the travel sphere of the chosen destination must be unique. From a gourmet cooking school to a wine tasting in a private villa, our tours will exceed the dreams and demands of today's savviest travelers.

As an organizer of your group your, just give us your destination and basic needs and let us build a customized tour that will more than appeal to the traveler.

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